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I am migrating Francoise’s posts over to a new WordPress  wesbite. I think her plan is to take posts from my blog, translate them and put them on her website for the French people. I will add a few for her now and we’ll see what happens.

Diamond Fork Camping

The web album (Picasa) I’m using for the slide show has some kind of glitch with the captions so II disabled them for now. Double-click on the slide show to go into Picasa and view the captions. Sorry about the inconvenience, I’m working on it.

Double cliquez sur les photos pour accéder à la légende.

Trip to France – **Voyage en France**

I took the kids to Saint-Raphael, near Nice, France the first week of May. We met up with my parents there.. We had a wonderful time.
**Les enfants et moi avons passé la première semaine de Mai à Saint-Raphael, à côté de Nice. Mes parents nous ont retrouvé là-bas. C’était un séjour formidable.**