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Le demi-marathon de Natacha!

Natacha a fait un demi-marathon quelques jours avant Halloween. Beaucoup des coureurs étaient déguisés, c’était comme une parade! Bravo Natacha d’avoir couru 21km en 2 heures et 16 minutes!

A 1 minute de l’arrivée: Natacha allait trop vite je n’ai pu l’avoir que de dos!

She’ll never know :0

Claire was in charge of loading the dishwasher tonight. (yeah, we’re once more attempting to “responsibilize” the kiddos over at the Hughes household). The stakes were high. She would get to bring a friend along to the Waterpark tomorrow if all her chores got done. Advised & assisted by her well-intentioned older brother, Claire took care of this task as efficiently as she could…

Child Gambling

Claire came grocery shopping with me. She brought the money she had been saving so she could get something she had picked out a while back. When we walked by the “move-&-drop-the-claw machine” (what are they called anyways?), her eyes got big and she decided she needed to try it. I try to explain what usually happens but her mind was made up. She was sure she was going to catch something. Claire’s dropped jaw was the saddest thing ever as she watched the empty claw make its way back. “I have to try again!” was the first thing she said. Fortunately, I was able to talk her out of it… that time. On the way out, she tried her luck again. By that time, it was pretty late and she was tired so the unfruitful fishing trip resulted in much stomping and pouting. I think she’ll try again next time she gets the chance though…


Yeah, I did it! Thanks for your support, LOL. Now I have less than 8 hours of sleep left… Sigh. Nighty night.

To clean or to sleep?

When I have to pick between good food and cleanliness, I always pick good food. I am not afraid of dirtying up my kitchen. Tonight, as with many nights, I contemplate the debris after the cooking and feeding storm and I just want to forget it all and go to sleep. It’s so nice to wake up to a clean kitchen though… Maybe I’ll pop my headphones on and listen to an audible download while I scrub…maybe…

Blogger App & Real Life

Well Hello! I am still alive! I’m attempting to take on blogging again. I got a Blogger App that should hopefully allow me to make more frequent, albeit simple, posts right from my phone. My goal is also to present my life as it really is. Not just the fun stuff we do. But also the struggles, the mundane. In essence, not just the ups but the downs too and the flats. I cherish and yearn for genuineness. That is one of my husband’s trait that really attracted me, and still does. I don’t want to appear this or that. I just want to be and become. So please denounce me if I stray. :)

Drawings in the sand

I know this is a very common feeling among moms but I’ll write it anyways for the sake of expressing myself. I feel like as soon as I’ve cleaned up after one meal or snack time, it’s time to get ready for the next one!

10th Anniversary – **Dix ans de mariage**

Cam & I just celebrated our 10th Anniversary! We went to Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Salt Lake. We’ve been there several times. They pamper you when you’re celebrating a special occasion :) They have excellent steaks. And their chocolate custard is amazing!

Now allow me to utter a few mushy words on this husband of mine. I consider him a gift from God to me. He makes me feel understood and cherished. It’s a joy to give him my best because he is so appreciative. He’s funny and smart. He has a pure, generous heart and will never try to lift himself above another person. He’ll actually do the opposite to make people feel good. He’s an outstanding trampoline-jumping, video-gaming, fort-building, paper-folding father. He made me an even happier woman recently by embracing health. He changed his eating habits, discovered exercise, lost 60 lbs! It was extremely hard for him. I’m so very proud of him! I love being part of his team, at home and also at work. I could write a lot more but I know this much public praise is already making him uncomfortable ;) I’ll just finish by saying I am looking forward to an eternity of living and learning by his side.

**Cameron & moi venons de célébrer notre 10ième anniversaire de mariage ! J’aimerais dire quelques mots à propos de mon mari. Il est un cadeau des cieux. Avec lui, je me sens comprise et chérie. C’est une joie de le servir car il exprime toujours sa reconnaissance avec sincérité. Il est rempli d’humour et d’intelligence. Il a un cœur pur et généreux et n’essaie jamais de se faire paraître supérieur à quelqu’un d’autre. En fait, il fait le contraire pour mettre les gens à l’aise. C’est un super Papa qui passe beaucoup de temps avec nos enfants à sauter sur le trampoline, jouer aux jeux vidéos, construire des forts et plier des papiers. Il m’a rendu encore plus heureuse récemment en consacrant son temps à sa santé. Il a changé ses habitudes alimentaires, incorporé un programme rigoureux de sport et perdu près de 30kg ! C’était extrêmement difficile pour lui et je suis d’autant plus fière de lui. J’adore faire partie de son équipe au foyer, comme au travail. Je pourrai écrire des pages mais je sais que ces quelques mots en public le mettent déjà mal l’aise. Je finirai juste par dire que je suis remplie d’enthousiasme à l’idée de passer l’éternité à vivre et apprendre à ses côtés. **

La Jolla Groves

General Impression: Definitely on my list of favorites

The dishes I tried there (see below) were amazing– fresh, flavorful and cooked to perfection. The portions were small compared to the average portion around here but they were sufficient. The waitress brought a basket with various bread rolls to our table. They were ok. I prefer hard crust breads…

The dessert I tried (Lemon Tiramisu) was very sweet. I took it to go and fed it to Cam :) The waitress said that all their desserts were very sweet. They won’t be a temptation for me when I go there!

I also very much enjoyed the decor. Elegant, yet simple and fresh.


Raw Seared Sesame Tuna

Grilled Salmon with Cilantro Butter