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Shopping List App

I recently switched from a paper to an electronic shopping list using the “Shopping List” app by Hensoft. I did upgrade to the paying version so I could have more than one list (one for each store) and so I could customize my categories. You can even change the order of the categories so they appear on your list in the same order as the aisles in the store. No more ugly paper on my fridge, no more ineligible handwriting and best of all, no forgetting my list at home!! Great thanks to my sister for giving me the idea!

Wonderful Veggie Savers

I often have half a lemon or part of an onion left over after cooking. I used to wrap them up and toss them in the vegetable drawer where I would often forget about them. When I saw the lemon saver at Wal-Mart, I decided it was a much better way to store left over lemon. It’s very visible and it’s BPA-free (plastic wraps aren’t always). It also seems to be keeping things fresher than wraps. I am loving it. I saw the onion saver at Macey’s. It actually keeps the onion odor from leaking in the fridge! They also make a tomato saver that I’m planning on getting.

The Night Owl Eats the Early Bird!

Cam & I decided, on a whim, to go see the new Harry Potter at the theatre for our date the next night. It was opening night however, so of course everything was sold out! Taking a break from work at 3am the day of, Cam noticed a new showing was being offered. He got us seats. When he checked again a few hours later, it was sold out. I love my night owl!

2010 Races

Running is great!
These races wouldn’t have been as meaningful without my faithful running buddies the Sabins!


Lehi’s Round Up 10k (6.2 miles)

Provo River Trail Half Marathon (13.1 miles)

Utah Valley Relay Marathon (5.2 miles each)
Total Race Time:4:02:54
Rac’s Time: 50:35
Fran’s Time: 46:52J
ason’s Time: 41:38
Drew’s Time: 54:01
Amy’s Time: 49:48

My neighbor Amy came to race with one hour’s notice when our teammate, Jeremy, had to rush home with a bad case of food poisoning!

May everyone to even better next year!

The Garden / Le Potager

This year’s crops are zucchinis, corn, tomatoes and red peppers. With my trip to Réunion I got a very late start on my garden (I planted it at the end of June! So our tomatoes are still green! And our corn barely budding!) The herbs featured are the perennials chives, oregano, thyme, sage (It’s huge and we never use it, I’m pulling it out at the end of the season). There was also curly parsley, basil, cilantro (it goes to seed so fast… and then it’s bitter. I’ll have to find a solution for nest year) and finally lemongrass!! I’m very excited about this last one because I grew up with it and it makes a wonderful tea especially paired with basil. I ordered the plant on Amazon!