Monthly Archives: July 2012


Yeah, I did it! Thanks for your support, LOL. Now I have less than 8 hours of sleep left… Sigh. Nighty night.

To clean or to sleep?

When I have to pick between good food and cleanliness, I always pick good food. I am not afraid of dirtying up my kitchen. Tonight, as with many nights, I contemplate the debris after the cooking and feeding storm and I just want to forget it all and go to sleep. It’s so nice to wake up to a clean kitchen though… Maybe I’ll pop my headphones on and listen to an audible download while I scrub…maybe…

Blogger App & Real Life

Well Hello! I am still alive! I’m attempting to take on blogging again. I got a Blogger App that should hopefully allow me to make more frequent, albeit simple, posts right from my phone. My goal is also to present my life as it really is. Not just the fun stuff we do. But also the struggles, the mundane. In essence, not just the ups but the downs too and the flats. I cherish and yearn for genuineness. That is one of my husband’s trait that really attracted me, and still does. I don’t want to appear this or that. I just want to be and become. So please denounce me if I stray. :)

Drawings in the sand

I know this is a very common feeling among moms but I’ll write it anyways for the sake of expressing myself. I feel like as soon as I’ve cleaned up after one meal or snack time, it’s time to get ready for the next one!